Putting the Fun in the Fair

for Four Generations

Have a Ball with Our Dodgem Hire

Make your event a fun one for all the family by hiring dodgems from Furborough’s Funfair. Available nationwide, our dodgem hire service is hugely popular for all kinds of events, including corporate events, weddings, and parties. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

The History of Dodgems

One of the best known and most popular fairground rides, dodgems have been around in the United Kingdom since 1928. They have gone through a variety of developments over the years, which the National Fairground Archive has traced through a series of patents. Consisting of controllable bumper cars driving beneath an electrical pick-up-to-the-roof net, they’re always a hit with fair-goers.

Furborough’s Guarantee

Furborough’s Funfair is one of the leading providers of fairground rides in the UK. For four generations, our family-run business has brought pleasure to thousands of fair-goers across the land. We may have added new rides and attractions to our repertoire as time has gone by, but our mission to provide safe, affordable family  entertainment remains the same. We love what we do and we have the pedigree and professionalism required to do it right.

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